Friday 17th September 2021

After what seems like an eternity the BDICL will once again kick off a new season on Sunday October 3rd as Terling make a return to Division 1 against reigning champions Coggeshall.

Most of you will be aware that the due to a change in opening hours at the Braintree Leisure Centre we are restricted to just 4 hours per week starting at 12:00 and finishing at 16:00 so we have had to make a few structural changes to the league. 3 Divisions of six teams will take up 90 slots of the 100 available to us so we have had to abandon the junior cup for this season to ensure we can get every game in. Every club represented in the league will take part in the BDICL Cup but there will be no reserve or third teams included for this season. Even with this reduction we still have 1 game that will need to start at 11:00 which is not ideal but unavoidable.

There will be more information relating to the Leisure centre and any restrictions posted over the coming weeks (as and when I get it) so keep an eye out

In the meantime all the fixtures and umpiring schedules are now uploaded and all the career stats up to date.